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Excess Inventory?  Under-performing stores?  Obsolete machinery?  Too much capital tied up in accounts receivable or real estate?  SB Capital Group has the options and sophisticated solutions businesses need to strengthen their balance sheet and improve liquidity.  For decades, companies have turned to us for our experience, wisdom, and financial strength to maximize asset recovery and minimize the risk commonly associated with asset disposition.

Converting redundant or under-performing assets is an intensive process that requires specialized skills and an intimate understanding of business operations — exactly the kind of expertise SB Capital Group has cultivated throughout its history.  Emanating from our roots in off-price retail AND revitalizing distressed companies, SB Capital Group has defined the business of asset disposition, and set the standard that others must follow.

From Guaranteed Recovery to Outright Purchase

SB Capital Group offers an array of asset disposition services with the flexibility of approach and structure to best serve our client's needs.  Our disposition services range from offering guaranteed asset value recoveries to acting as a liquidation consultant.  We can also purchase an entire client business or purchase individual assets such as inventory, real estate, fixtures, equipment or accounts receivable.  The combination of our in-depth knowledge of disposition activities, our vast pool of resources and our successful operating experience has engendered an approach to the business of asset disposition that is far more effective, generating higher recoveries and faster liquidity for our clients.

As the company that defined asset disposition, SB Capital Group continues to provide a level of service and a guarantee of performance that is unsurpassed.  For SB Capital Group, asset disposition is an innately developed and highly skilled process of providing options and opportunities for our clients.  Asset Disposition Services from SB Capital Group - opportunity has arrived.